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Alternatives From Nature by RainBear is an old fashioned family business. We have a uniquely healthful and delicious line of culinary spices and medicinal herbs, teas and much more.

So you say there a numerous herb companies out there. Why are we so unique. All our herbs are wildcrafted or certified organic. All are packaged in a no frills, get the job done way. zip lock bags and labels, so you are not paying for yet another jar that you will throw away.

About Me: I have loved and been involved with herbal and natural medicines since birth. My paternal Grandfather was a traditional Native American medicine person. Harrison and Einstein (aka Office Managers), pictured here lis a permanant fixture. My maternal Grandmother was from Sicily and praticed the Old Ways. They shared their gifts and knowledge with me along with the belief and understanding that the Earth is our Mother and her gifts are to be treasured, honored and shared.

OUR MISSION We are always searching for the best. New products, new ideas and NEW WAYS to SERVE YOU BETTER Take a moment to relax and to browse our online catalog for yourself to see what Alternatives From Nature by RainBear has to offer.

To ensure the freshest products we purchase only small runs of freshly harvested products.

OUR PRODUCTS: We provide only the highest quality botanicals and spices. Our support of domestic production allows us to ensure product quality at field, harvest, drying and processing. Our botanicals are over 90% domestically produced. Product is either ethically wildcrafted, organically grown, or third party certified organic. Products are non irradiated or treated.

At Alternatives From Nature by Rain Bear our business philosophy is to make a living without making a killing. By offering the products that are natural and not synthetically manufactured we are being kinder to the Earth and the people of the Earth.

visit us at (The Barking Lamb is our brick and morter store)

AFN/GC The Barking Lamb
42 Copperfield Circle
Lititz, PA 17543


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