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Resins & Gums

All of our Resins & Gums are sold in dried form, are of the highest grade available non irradiated and GMO free, where possible are Organic, none of our  products have been tested on animals.

 Frankincense tears 1 oz

FrankincenseFrankincense (Boswelia thurifera)

Frankincense is the most Revered element in Spiritual, Magickal, Ritual and Religious Ceremony of virtually All Traditions, including; Pagan, Christian, Semitic, Left Hand Path and VooDoo - Valued more highly than gold, a most sought after treasure of the Ancient World - Gift to The Magi, The Christ Child - The scent to be evidence of The Creator on Earth - a powerful element of Protection Magick - primary ingredient in almost all potions used for protection against evil.

It is burned in rites of exorcism, purification, and protection. It may accelerate spiritual growth. Use for spirituality, exorcism, purification, luck, protection rites., love, spirituality, consecration, blessing, energy, strength, visions, healing, meditation, power and courage.

In its presence, demons cannot work, it is found is in all Temples, Churches, Magickal Circles, and Orthodox homes. The ceremonial incense of the Hebrews includes pure Frankincense. It is frequently mentioned in the Pentateuch. Frankincense formed part of the meeting offering and was also presented with the shew-bread every Sabbath day. Frankincense is stored in a great chamber of the House of God at Jerusalem.

In most of Africa, there are only two kinds of sacred incense; one is Frankincense, the other is Myrrh - for in this Holy Land, Frankincense is sacred and safety from the horrors of evil. Note: This is all pure/natural Frankincense Tears - It is commonly used as an incense, and incense blend.

3.50 each

Myrrh 1 oz

Myrrh Gum - Commiphora molmol

Myrrh is a Goddess plant of the Moon's sphere, sacred to Isis. Burned as an incense, myrrh purifies the area, lifts the vibrations aids contemplation and meditation and creates peace. Seldom burned alone; usually with frankincense or other resins. Increases the power of any incense to which it is added. Also included in healing incenses and sachets, and its smoke is used to consecrate, purify and bless objects such as amulets, talismans, charms, and magical tools. Aids meditation and contemplation. The essential oil can be added to blends designed to enhance spirituality and meditation. and may used in healing mixtures.

The last gift brought to The Christ Child, by the Magi, was Myrrh to: protect him from demons, recognize Him as healer, and distinguish His manhood and human suffering. It is recommended to burn Myrrh during meditation and prayer. It has been used from antiquity as an ingredient in incense, perfumes, Burning myrrh creates an environment that malevolence cannot tolerate, making Myrrh a sacred tool protecting against demons.

Myrrh is used in traditional medicine as an astringent, tonic and stimulant.

3.50 each

Dragon's Blood Resin, Granular - 1 oz

dragon's blood resinDragon`s Blood is used for increased power, purification, protection, consecration, and the development of strong ritual energy. Traditionally burned for love, protection, exorcism, and sexual potency.  The dried resin is believed to be a powerful protectant when carried, sprinkled around the house, or smoldered as incense and has been used to drive evil and negativity away when burned. A non-combustible resin incense, which means heat must be applied to release its fragrance (usually with a self-lighting charcoal tablet). To use incense, ignite a charcoal tablet and place in a heat-proof container. Grind the incense to a fine powder and sprinkle on the glowing tablet


Premium Amber Solid (~10gms)

amber resin May be worn as a skin scent and also burnt on charcoal. A wonderful resin amber incense. The amber comes from the amber resin tree (Liquidamber orientalis) and is usually mixed in a base of beeswax and combined with Styrax benzoin (Benzoin Gum). This produces the almost "sticky" effect and produces an easily applied resin. True amber resins should not contain artificial ingredients, petroleum by-products, or have any mineral base. Studies have shown that it has a psychoactive effect shown through biofeedback as a relaxant for brain waves, (alpha, beta, and theta). It has also been shown to "enhance" heart energy and increase sensual pleasure 5gm

5.50 each

Charcoal 33mm Roll of 10 Disks

Swift Light
Foil package of 10 charcoal tablets. Long-burning, easy lighting charcoal tablets. Packaged in foil tubes, well sealed against moisture & dust. CUSTOMER FAVORITE!

3.00 each

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